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Activity: Day Hike, Scrambling

2 miles, 225’-1,400’ elevation gain, 2 hours duration, rated Moderate to Hard 

‘Hole in the Rock’ is the exact spot that Mormon Settler Pioneers made their way from the East, across vast desert, to these bluffs and lowered wagons down to the Colorado River below as they forged their way West towards a new life, and a new beginning.

Fun and historic hike, much of it is scrambling. There are plenty of fun obstacles including, but not limited to fat man squeeze, a hole or two to climb through, and a couple of spots that require light rock climbing. Remember it is easier to go up then down when seeking hand and footholds. At the top was a standout view of Hole in the Rock and Lake Powell down below, but beware- the wind was blowing hard towards the edge. Our friend Hank’s hat blew off and we found it a quarter mile down the scramble. 

I guess I should have recorded my hike to have more exacting information, instead I have to report what information I have found. I have heard the hike called Moderate, I have heard it called Hard and also Strenuous. The only way that I can think that it wouldn’t be Hard is because it is not a long hike. I have also seen varied accounts of the elevation gain that started at 225’, which in my opinion is totally off. I would think that it is much closer to the upper range that I have read claiming 1,400’ elevation gain. Even 1,400’ is not a lot of gain on a hike, but the difference is this is a short hike in length so it is a steep scramble. As I have mentioned, there were two spots, that called for what I refer to as light rock climbing. This was a section that you need good hand and footholds. Coming back down I was a little stuck, but luckily I had friends that had my back, well… backside actually. Luckily she was a cute young Doctor so I suppose it is alright, lol. Bring water after all this is the desert and you will be asserting yourself as you climb the steep route, good foot wear is essential, not like our friend John who obviously wasn’t expecting to hike, just water ski during our Lake Powell Trip. But he said it’s fine, his Extreme Athlete son bought the sandals in Telluride, besides they were good enough for Jesus.

We left on this hike later in the day to let it cool down a bit, and to take advantage of shadows casts on the rock crack we were working our way up. It might have been even better to go in the morning, but we were taking advantage of morning glass for wake boarding. There is only so much time to squeeze everything in when you are on adventure…

We were amazed as we followed the steps of history. It was hard enough to hike/scramble this slot, how these early pioneers managed wagons with all of their belongings down this spot I will never know. They were people of strong character, with a never say die attitude.

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I suppose the Mormon Settlers enjoyed the same type of sunset all those years ago as they made their way down ‘Hole in the Rock’.
“May your rivers flow without end… down into a desert of red rock, blue mesas, domes and pinnacles and grottos of endless stone, and down again into a deep vast ancient unknown chasm where bars of sunlight blaze on profiled cliffs… where something strange and more beautiful and more full of wonder than your deepest dreams waits for you-beyond that next turning of the canyon walls.” – Edward Abbey

Thanks for joining me and my Lake Powell Houseboat Trip Adventurers as we discovered ourselves ’Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ at ‘Hole in Rock’ in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area at Lake Powell. This hike added to the glorious week we spent together taking a break from the hustle and bustle we call everyday life and balancing it with exercise, fresh air and sunshine, togetherness, and bountiful and unique natural beauty. For more adventures please stay with us by doing these few simple tasks: COMMENT, LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE. You should go to the menu above and checkout the many places that PBTA ventures to. Each is a separate website and thus needs to be FOLLOWED independently. Also checkout SHOP APPAREL for all of your top quality adventure wear needs. Of course you will find the PBTA Logo which is the mantra with which to explore our natural world and at the same time ourselves.

Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

Dramatic Black and White Photos of Lake Powell

As Seen Through the Lens of Roger Jenkins

Lake Powell in Black and White Showcases it’s Ageless Beauty
A Powerful and Dramatic Back Drop to the Waters of Lake Powell
The Camera Captures this Strong Image of this Wild Land
This Artist Piece Could be a Day Old or a 150 Years
This Haunting Image Beacons You Deeper and Deeper in the Canyon Despite the Encroaching Storm
Lake Powell is Truly Magnicient Even in Black and White
Violent Monsoon Storm Races Across the Desert
Moonlight sparkling on Lake Powell

Houseboat Adventure on Lake Powell


Activity: House Boating, Skiing/Wakeboarding, Hiking/Scrambling, SUP, Kayaking, Swimming, Boating, and Jet Skiing

Dates: July 16-24, 2021

Lake Powell is a special place in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area on the boarder of Arizona and Utah. It’s beauty and wonder is vast, untamed and ever changing. This was my second time to join friends for a week of fun and adventure aboard their 65’ houseboat.

My friends are experts at this houseboat vacation in the wild as this is their annual pilgrimage to this oasis in the desert, that they have been enjoying for a couple decades.

This particular trip was unique even to them as a decade or more of drought has made severe changes as the water level plummets. The Canyons, it’s walls and rock formations now even taller, the water channels that snake through the rock narrower and more shallow. There were beaches where there had been none before, and there were more obstacles in the water to beware of.

The water is so low it is incredible. One of the major launch areas Antelope Point is closed as the launch ramp is so low that the end has a big drop off. Even where we launched in Page, Arizona they were not allowing rentals to go past Padre Bay. The crazy thing is right after we launched they closed our ramp to all house boats. The level of the lake was falling four inches a day, which is pretty dramatic especially on a lake this size. So we really didn’t have many boats on the lake once we pasted that area. Unfortunately the company that launched our boat said that we must be back a day early. 

One nice benefit is this very popular lake usual buzzing with gorgeous decked out ski boats, fast jet skis, and fully equipped houseboats was relatively quiet and became more sparse the farther we went on our trip, so we practically had the place to ourselves. One drawback is the closures meant we could not refuel far up the lake. We brought a bunch of gas cans with us, cut back a bit on usage, and traveled a little less.

We motored some fifty miles up the lake during our journey stopping at a different spot each night. The hot days were exploration packed with a full array of water toys with which to cool off. The water temperature remained a constant perfect . Rock formations all along our trip were absolutely stunning. The landscape was awe inspiring every where you look. We were always taking excursions. One such event was an arch, hole cut in a ceiling, which probably has a name but we nicknamed it “Toilet Bowel.” Another spot was aptly named Cathedral of the Canyons as it was almost spiritual in it grandeur, such a splendid and impressive place with a wonderful little waterfall.

It was monsoon season so several of our evenings clouded up and we even had a little rain. Near the end of our vacation we had two afternoons of big, powerful, dangerous and frightening thunderstorms.

We also got in a couple of hikes Hole in the Rock and on a little bluff over looking Big Water.

Lake Time, ski time, sun time, paddle time, fun time! Friends, house boating, good food and celebrating. Canyons, plateaus, bluffs, arches, formations. Colorful sunsets, full moon rising, storm clouds, waves, rain.

Could there be any more beautiful place to wakeboard?
I suppose the Mormon Settlers enjoyed the same type of sunset all those years ago as they made their way down ‘Hole in the Rock’.
Looks like a lighthouse, a beacon of hope for travelers, and in a way it is. The full moon rises over the canyon wall and light spills over reflecting on the cove of our anchorage.
One of our excursions was basically a sunset booze cruise trying to outrun the waning light and the approaching storm.
We enjoyed a new anchorage and new adventure every night. When the storm arrived we thought we were all snug in our protected little cove until pebbles started raining down on us as the high winds swept crossed the bluff above.
We enjoyed our scrumptious dinners. Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, our friend Hank, kept us well fed on the house boat’s roof top patio with views of the Glen Canyon all around.
Video of our trip on ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ YouTube Channel
“There is no Lake like Powell for beauty, house boating, and water skiing.” – John Forgrave 

Thanks for joining me and our motley crew of fun seekers as we found ourselves ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ at fabulous Lake Powell for a week of wonder and fellowship truly unwinding, completely detached from the work a day world and trading it’s fast pace for about 6-8 knots on a houseboat with toys in tow. For more on our Lake Powell experience as well as more adventures in the wilds of Utah you will want to stayed tuned by performing these easy tasks: LIKE, COMMENT, FOLLOW and SHARE. To explore other adventures throughout the West take a look at the menu above. For top quality Adventure Wear to protect from the sun and carries the ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ Logo and Mantra please visit SHOP APPAREL.

Happy Trails,

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure